Carlos Dias Jr. Featured in “Beyond the Game” Film Premiere at the University of South Florida

Carlos Dias Jr. will be featured in the upcoming “Beyond the Game” film premiere at the University of South Florida (USF) on December 13, 2018.

Intimate interviews with professional athletes sharing their never-before-told stories

Financial literacy, branding, a player’s personal development and harnessing the best qualities of our athletes’ personas to benefit their careers and the community at large; Surprising and inspiring revelations from some of the Games’ Greats; If you think you ” know” who they are…you don’t-Professional athletes, in their own words, sharing their stories.

International Film Production

In production since Summer 2015, Silverlight Films and Director/Producer, Susan Sember have filmed over 70 interviews at 30 locations worldwide.

Release to theaters, broadcast, VOD and premiere screenings to benefit student athlete education programs in 2018.

Inside their world

Come join us in making a difference for future generations of athletes. Take a look into their world, rarely accessed, and help establish a legacy of financial freedom, education and overall well being in the world of sports.