Carlos Dias Jr. is a Personal Finance Expert, Financial Advisor and founder of Dias Wealth, LLC based in the Orlando, Florida area. He concentrates his practice in the areas of tax strategies, financial, and estate planning, investment advisory, and asset protection.

Born in New Jersey to immigrant parents of Portuguese and South-American ancestry, he grew up in a multicultural home and learned to speak Portuguese and Spanish at an early age. From the beginning, Carlos aspired to intertwine his leadership skills and passions for the financial industry with his education. He established a local management and consulting company in 2001 at the same time that he commenced his studies as a first-generation college
student at Daytona State College.

Carlos achievements

Since 2005, Carlos has devoted himself to thoroughly learning about all aspects of wealth management across a variety of careers. However, the pivotal moment of his career occurred when he began to work with large financial services companies like Bankers Life and Casualty Company in 2005 and New York Life Insurance Company in 2007. At that time, Carlos felt restricted in the products he could offer clients.

In 2007, he launched his own financial services company, Dias & Associates, which focused primarily on retirees and business owners. For a few years he developed a passion for retirement planning and helped a variety of clients—from individuals to executives—become educated on finding the best products and financial plan for their lifestyle to ensure a successful and fulfilling retirement. By 2011, he started to specialize in strategic tax planning, investment advisory, and wealth management. Carlos started focusing on developing creative strategies that combined tax strategies and effectively balanced a financial portfolio. He worked with and taught CPA’s strategies in tax planning, charitable planning, Roth IRA conversion planning, Social Security tax reduction, and small business strategy planning so that their clients, especially business owners with hefty tax problems, could have the most efficient portfolios to enhance their future goals.

(Something he emulated in his own career) and realized that he could combine his passion for sports and entertainment with his knowledge of wealth management to generate a long-term career. He noticed that athletes and entertainers experienced little loyalty and devotion from their financial advisors in enhancing their earnings or helping them progress financially for a successful future at the end of their careers. Furthermore, he has worked with sports agents and professional athletes directly to discover that they accumulated their wealth in a relatively short span, were in an extremely competitive market handling constant business offers, faced more financial hurdles with their travels and all the different laws per location they visited, and so forth.

Carlos emerged with MVP Wealth in 2011, which handles all aspects of wealth management and long-term planning for professional athletes and entertainers who ultimately face more complications, risks, and potential challenges than would a regularly employed individual and therefore need the most care and protection.

Carlos is recognized for his ability in making intricate financial and tax planning issues understandable and is regarded for his devotion and commitment to the diverse needs of high net worth clients. He consults high net worth individuals, accredited investors, business owners, lottery winners, as well as other professionals including doctors, attorneys, professional athletes and celebrities. Additionally, he has hosted educational workshops for business owners, retirees, as well as retired NFL and NBA athletes. 

Besides his career passions, Carlos has also maintained a philanthropic legacy with his work. His charitable activities include: supporting non-profit foundations such as the Brandon Meriweather 31 Ways Foundation, Devin Hester Foundation, Vince Carter Embassy of Hope Foundation, and many others. He is as a former board member of the Flagler County Education Foundation, Darrell Armstrong Foundation for Premature Babies, and NFL Alumni Central Florida Chapter. Currently, Carlos is a Contributor for Kiplinger and has contributed for Forbes, MarketWatch, Investopedia, and TheStreet,. He has been quoted or featured in Bloomberg, CNBC, The Wall Street Journal, U.S. News & World Report, USA Today, and several others. He’s also been interviewed on various radio and television stations. Carlos is fluent in Portuguese and Spanish.

Although Carlos has hosted numerous events with attorneys and accounts since 2010, he began speaking and instructing regularly in 2018 to organizations such as CPA Academy, myCPE, SkyLearn and has been an expert on topics at the Florida Society of Enrolled Agents, Michigan Association of Certified Public Accountants (CPAs). He will be speaking at many others in the near future including the Tennessee Society of CPAs, New Hampshire Society of CPAs, Hawaii Society of CPAs, Texas Society of CPAs, Delaware Society of CPAs, and Massachusetts Society of CPAs.

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