March 2018

Tax Rules on 10 Different Retirement Accounts and Investments

For a tax-conscious investor, finding tax-efficient investments is the key to successfully saving for retirement.
Not everyone thinks about the tax consequences on their investments and trusts that their financial advisers will be knowledgeable before making a recommendation. Often, it is a challenge for advisers to educate themselves on all of the tax laws that affect investments, which can cost you a hefty amount.

Pension Possibilities: IRA Rollover? Buy an Annuity? Or Take the Payout?

Pension decisions aren’t clear-cut, and they can have serious consequences for you and your family.

Take some clients of mine, for example. The husband, age 65, wanted the highest monthly payout he could get, so he chose a 100% single life option of $2,100 per month. With that type of payout, the payments would end when he died. The joint life option he could have chosen would have paid only $1,800 per month. But although the payments were lower, his wife would have received the same amount once he passed away (and keep her quality of life).